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1.   Before you hang ​your dress in the garment bag, line it with acid-free, colorless tissue papervor plastic dry cleaner bags.

2.   To prevent the dress from getting too wrinkled, “stuff” the bodice, sleeves (if your dress has them) and skirt of the gown with the acid-free paper.

3.   Once gown is stuffed, use more paper to fill up the space around the dress. The goal is to secure the dress in place—you don’t want it be able to move around at all!

4.   Last step is to layer the tissue paper over the gown before closing the garment bag. Some brides slip the garment bag into a second bag for extra protection and peace of mind.

It’s good to note that airport security asks that your dress/garment bag be able to lie flat and fit through the X-ray machine.

Full Steam Ahead. ​Once at your resort, take your wedding dress out of the bag as soon as possible and hang it on a satin hanger in a spot as high as you can get, so any wrinkles can fall out. We also recommend that you pack your own handheld steamer. Many resorts have steamers but it’s best to know how the steamer works and that you will have it when you want it.
Airlines differ in their policies about taking your gown on the airplane as a carry-on. Some airlines will allow you to put your gown in the first class closet, while others will ask you to fold it in half and put it in the overhead bins.  Keep in mind, there may be more than one bride on your plane vying for the same closet spot.

1.   How many free carry-ons am I allowed? 
ONE plus a small personal item.  Airlines count the dress as a carry-on item and you want to avoid having to check any items at the gate. As with most wedding planning details, the fewer surprises the better!

Dress designers and airport security recommend that you pack your dress in a durable, water-proof garment bag. We always recommend that you ask your bridal store for recommendations on how to pack your specific gown.
​Some stores will even pack the gown for you. If you are packing it up yourself, here are a few general tips we have gleaned from the pros: